Marie LoParco/Hand2HeartStudio

Inspired by mythology, folk art, and a cross cultural mixture of sacred art, my work reflects the influences of Russian icons, Mexican shrines and altars, Italian renaissance painting, as well as, ancient Greek and Buddhist goddesses. Often using winged figures and birds to symbolize the connection between heaven and earth, as well as, people and nature, these pieces also symbolize the world of spirit as nurturing and protective.


As a mixed media painter, the materials themselves, (these include decorative papers, fabrics, paints, and acrylic mediums) encourage the creative process by inviting me to work using a playful layering process.

I live in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York with my husband, David, a photographer, surrounded by rolling hills and wildlife. I received my MFA from Syracuse University, taught art for many years, and have shown my work in galleries nationally and internationally.


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Photo of Marie LoParco with a group of her chickens.